World's top most professional natural hair color line- now available in USA 

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NATULIQUE Douce Hair Colours demonstrates the hottest new way to colour hair. Sophisticated mixing and artistic application in the hands of talented hair artists provide endless nuances for adding contrast and accentuating the softness and natural beauty of eye colour and skin tone.

Vegan standard

NATULIQUE desperately wants to improve the standard in the beauty industry and bring awareness to the cruel animal testing that prevails in this setting. No one should suffer for beauty, which is why we have added the vegan certification to selected NATULIQUE hair care products.

None of the NATULIQUE products are tested on animals – and never have been. The vegan certification logo from the Vegan Society is a symbol of the clear stance we take against animal cruelty, and it assures you that no animal testing or animal ingredients are in the products.

Clean, nourishing products that you can use everyday!

NATULIQUE PRODUCTS ARE sold to professionals only

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